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Hello And Welcome To Zuresh… Our Natural solution to all of your hair, skin and beauty needs. We are Mia & Steven, husband and wife and creators of Zuresh. We will be your guide through the Zuresh experience. Zuresh was created in 2001 from a personal need. Lupus (a blood disorder) reared it's UGLY head after being dormant for a while and like many people with a skin disorder Lupus…Eczema…Psoriasis…Dermatitis your skin can get out of control. It ranges from extreme sensitivity and irritation to… like mine pimple-like legions and sores (like mine) ranging from the size of dimes or quarters. Conventional soaps or lotions were out of the question because they cause severely irritated my skin. Prescriptions worked only temporarily and also inhibited the pigment in my skin from coming back. After much investigation i found that my special *SHEA BODY BLEND ( Shea also known as Karite) not only calmed my irritated skin but also diminished my legions while fading them as well.

This still left me without a safe cleanser I could use everywhere. So with a little help I was able to develop my own kind of awesome *FULL BODY CLEANSER. This cleanser can be used all over the body, is great for the entire family even infants. It is even a great shampoo and shaving cream. Enjoy Sulphate, Paraben & Alcohol Free.